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The IRP License Plate is the agreement and consent between the states in the US, the Canadian provinces, and the District of Columbia. This agreement necessitates the provision of registration payments for commercial motor vehicles. Giving them the go-ahead to operate in as many states and provinces as they can, provided they are allowed to by law. However, the most important thing is for these commercial companies to register in their respective areas first of all.

What Global Truck Permits will do for you is to register your commercial vehicles in about 48 states in your IRP portal. The good thing about this California based company is that at times, the registration does not even take long. Provided that you have all the necessary documents with you. That is not all. For your registration process to be successful, you must be in good terms with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Failure to which it will be rejected outright until you get your house in order. Why waste such valuable time when you have people who can pinpoint you in the right direction? Time is always of great importance.

Global Truck Permits - Your Home for Trucking Knowledge and Paperwork

On the other hand, the MC Authority, also known as Operating Authority, is a permit that will enable your commercial vehicles to operate with much ease in different states. Through this permit also, the government gets the chance to track various activities of state brokers through their system.

This permit is applicable for those companies operating commercially as for hire, interstate passenger transportation or making arrangements for their transportation, via interstate commercial dealings, as well as those businesses engaged in the transportation of goods permitted by the federal government as well as making arrangements for their transportation for that matter through interstate commercial activities.

All of the above is what determines the amount of insurance cover and financial obligations to be maintained by each company. Since it is their area of expertise, Global Truck Permits will help process this license for you, as you go about your business.