Get Your IFTA Fuel Tax Report BOC-3 Filing in Order

IFTA Fuel Tax Report is very crucial between the United States government and trucking companies. More so, the states, which are located in the lower regions including several Canadian provinces. Motor vehicles operating in more than one state need to apply for this permit. This type of permit will indicate the amount of fuel consumed per kilometer in each trip and it is what the government will use to calculate the amount of tax to charge each of these motor carriers.

This fuel levy should be filed quarterly by trucking companies or individual truck owners. Whether the motor vehicles are used for ferrying passengers or merchandise, they will be required to apply for this permit. And just like any other permit, failure to adhere to the rules might attract a hefty penalty from the relevant government bodies. In worse scenarios, you can even get banned completely from doing business.

For you to avoid such embarrassing inconveniences, you should plan early enough on how to apply for this permit. There are very many companies out there doing these kinds of jobs. However, you must ascertain that they are genuine so that you do not fall prey to swindlers.

Get Your IFTA Fuel Tax Report BOC-3 Filing in Order

If you land the services of Global Truck Permits, then what this simply means is that all your license problems will have disappeared significantly as they will ensure that you get your license without any delay.

BOC-3 Filing for those trucking companies doing interstate kind of businesses knows its importance. This crucial form is the sole responsibility of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin. And it is normally issued to businesses involved in the transport and logistics.

Normally, before these businesses can start the processes of getting other permits, they must, first of all, have this permit firmly in place. However, the application steps for this kind of permit varies from one company to the next. That is why companies like Global Truck Permits are there to ensure things go your way.

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