Truck Permits in Ceres, CA

Starting a trucking or transportation business in California is easy. All one needs to do is obtain the CA number which is the registration number of the vehicle. The CA number is issued by the California DMV Motor Carrier Permit office. Although the registration office is located in California, applicants can apply for the CA number from the hometown. Global Truck Permits, based in Stockton, help truck operators apply for Motor Carrier Permit in Ceres itself.

The CA number is provided by the California Highway Patrol. According to the Department of Motor vehicles, a motor carrier permit is a document issued by the DMV’s Registration Operations Division. The permit is issued to the motor carrier as evidence of the registration with the DMV of their Carrier Identification number (CA number), as required by CVC Section 34620.

Global Truck Permits has a team of experts that can help you complete all the formalities of registration in a quick turnaround of time. Having an expert team working with you, you can have enough time to focus on the business.
The company obtains the permits and license by:

  • Obtaining initial permits for International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and International Registration Plan (IRP)
  • Closely examining the IRP, IFTA, and applicable Authority Permits.
  • Filing IRP, IFTA, and Authority Permit applications for additional vehicles added to the client’s fleet.
  • Communicating with states on behalf of its client whenever there are permit changes, such as address changes, the return of permits, or cancellations.
  • Reviewing the client’s IRP mileage information to ensure the vehicles are meeting the IRP requirements.
  • Providing recommendations for permitting needs for the following year.
  • Providing cost reports of total fuel, mileage, and authority permits.
  • Providing advisement on which base state the client should use.
  • Recommending the best-practices to help the client optimize his/her fleet efficiencies and tax liabilities.

The trucking business is required to obtain the ICC permits in Ceres as well if the truck operators interstate. Other than the ICC and IFTA permits in Ceres, the truck operators also need to have a DOT number in Ceres, registration number in the US, for transporting goods and services in the US.

Obtain truck permits in Ceres takes a couple of days. Global Truck Permits ensures you get the permits and license to operate the business in and around the US without any obstruction on the part of the government. The license and registration number thus attained ensure the legal operation of the business. It also saves a fleet from unwanted fines. Traveling to other states, a truck operator is required to learn the road rules as each state has its own rule set for the safety of the roads and passengers. The permits are in fact a way of empowering the truck operators of the routes they should choose while driving through the specific state. The facility of IFTA and ICC permits has indeed maximized the horizon of the truck operators as now they can travel more and earn more. With Global Truck Permits one can even maximize the revenue.